Thanks for your interest in joining our Market Food Club. We're excited to grow food for you! We just need a bit of information from you first.
Your name (and your family member's names too....we are feeding all of you after all, you're all important to us!)

Your address (street address, city, postal code) know, all the info we'd need to be penpals.

Phone number?

Our Market Food Club is all about get to choose how much. You choose any amount you like in hundred dollar increments & we'll add a 5% bonus to it. Many CSA/veggie box programs cost $400-$500 per season, but everyone's unique.

Which one of these is your favourite? We's hard to pick just one!

Thanks for signing up! We'll be in touch soon with updates from the farm. 
You're welcome to send us a cheque in the mail or e-transfer. 
Your farmers, Shannon and Bryan

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